Rug Cleaning

Lying in the foyer is a beautiful antique rug you inherited from your beloved grandmother. It is adorned by you and the center of conversation by all who visit your home. Suddenly, the muddy dog from next door, darts in the open door and decides to roll around on your beautiful rug. Your jaw drops to the floor and you immediately start to think that it is ruined – your antique rug is ruined!

This could happen to you – or maybe you purchased a beautiful, soft oriental rug and had it shipped to you last year – or maybe you purchased a fun sports themed rug for the “man cave” last season when your team won. Every rug has a story, and no matter what type of rug or where it was purchased, rugs demand to be treated with respect, and cleaning is part of that respect process.

Rug cleaning is unique from carpet cleaning, as rugs are made in different patterns, textures, shapes, sizes and colors. Regular maintenance can go a long way in preserving and extending the life of your rug. Rugs should only be cleaned by professionals and Carpet Cleaning Cupertino is your go-to rug cleaning experts.

There are three main reasons why you should have your rugs cleaned professionally – expertise and knowledge to care for your rug, health and hygiene concerns, and stain removal. Let’s look at these closer:

  • Expertise and Knowledge – rugs come in a variety of colors, textures, and more. It is also true that rugs are made of different materials, such as wool, silk, cotton, chenille, seagrass, acrylic, leather, sheepskin and many more. As you can see with so many different materials, it would be hard for anyone to determine the proper method or appropriate solvents to use in cleaning a rug. A professional rug cleaning company will understand the material used in your rug and will know exactly what to use to clean it properly, restoring it to its original glory!
  • Health and Hygiene – a rug has tightly woven fibers that are a magnet for dirt, allergens, germs and more. Regular maintenance, such as vacuuming, only removes a portion of these harmful pollutants. Research suggests that up to two pounds of dirt can accumulate on the average area rug. Regular cleaning of your rug will not only leave it looking as beautiful as ever, but will help control the many health concerns, such as allergies, you can attract from a dirty rug.
  • Stain Control – it will happen. You will experience spills and stains on your rug. Even prolonged exposure to the sun can fade your area rug. Your rug cleaning experts will understand exactly how to remove and clean any stain on your rug.

Don’t let dirt detract from the uniqueness of your rug. Treat it with the respect it deserves and have it professional cleaned. Carpet Cleaning Cupertino are your rug cleaning experts. Call us today at (408) 214-1040 for a free quote on cleaning all of your area rugs.


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